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Board Members
Moira Garrity 453-7741
Jill Mackler 453-3353
Caroline Engvall 453-7817
Mary Yates 453-7177
Jim Stapleton 453-5060

Board News

Agenda for the next meeting


1.      Review Agenda

2.      Visitor’s business

3.      Review of and acceptance of meeting minutes

4.      Librarian’s report

5.      Treasurer’s Report

6.      Old Business

7.      New business

9.   Summary

10.  Next meeting date

Lawrence Memorial Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2014


Board Members: Caroline Engvall, Jim Stapleton, Jill Mackler, Moira Garrity, Mary Yates.


Staff:  Nancy Wilson


Visitors: Victor Hinojosa


Visitor’s Business: Victor reports that he helped to move the children’s DVDs to a more prominent location. Marita plans to add a bench to the children’s room for more seating.


Minutes from the previous meeting are accepted by consensus, as amended to clarify the partnership between the library and the Gateway players.


Librarian’s Report:

Nancy has submitted a written librarian’s report. She will be attending the Association of Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL) conference in Tacoma at the beginning of September thanks to a $1400.00 grant from the Department of Libraries. 


Treasurer’s Report:

The budget looks good.


Caroline went to the bank to get a debit card associated with the grants account. It has arrived. She was told by Kareen at the bank that we need to update our signers on the bank accounts.


We need three general signers, these will be:

            Jim Stapleton

            Caroline Engvall

            Mary Yates

We also need three payroll signers, these will be:

            Mary Yates

            Caroline Engvall

            Moira Garrity

Jim motions to authorize the board members listed to be signers on our accounts. Moira seconded. Passed unanimously.


Old Business:

The board decides to go with Shaw brand carpet in the dried sage color. Nancy will call Lacey’s tomorrow. There is some talk about the lighter color showing the dirt more. Library staff will vacuum more frequently, Nancy wonders if the board shouldn’t set aside, say, $1000.00 for capital improvements each budget year in a special account for things like carpet replacement, new stair treads, etc. We should remember this next budget year.


Victor and Moira have come with some furniture suggestions. The consensus is that shopping for furniture online is a headache. It is decided to take a trip to Shelburne Road furniture stores to see what can be found. Jill, Caroline, and Mary will go. We need six stools 24’-26’ high, with padded seats and plain backs. They should be edgy but not too modern. Nancy wants those soon because people cannot use the computer room now without chairs. We also need three club chairs, sturdy and comfortable, leather would be nice—no upholstery, which gets dirty and smelly. Victor has a connection with Vermont Folk Rockers. He will see if they can donate, or even lend indefinitely, a rocking chair to us. Nancy will measure the space where the furniture will go. It is decided by consensus to budget $5000.00 for furniture.


The plant sale grossed $1626 with expenses totaling $866 for a net profit of $760. Next year we need something small for kids to buy for their mothers. Perhaps we can get a flat of annuals and plant them in small, interesting containers. Jill will keep an eye out while garage saleing for teacups and other cool planters.


Jim doesn’t have much news about the partnership with the Gateway players but Alice Leeds has agreed to help him with a library fundraising production. Thank you Alice!


New Business: Jim has heard about some changes to the Vermont Open Meeting Law.

We should start warning our meetings. It is the secretary’s job to do so. Nancy suggests that Jim make a permanent warning to go on the bulletin board of the town clerk’s office. It is posted on main page of the website. This may satisfy our obligation to warn our meetings. Jim and Moira will take a closer look at the law.



Meeting adjourned at 8:30. The next meeting will be Wednesday July 23rd at 7:00 the library.

On April 22, 2011 the Vermont House recognized our library and its service to the Bristol community for the past 100 years. See a copy of the special resolution (this is a large file and may take time to load).


40 North Street
Bristol, VT 05443
Phone: (802) 453-2366