Fun at the Library!


For younger kids that like to read a lot of books on the same theme try one of our theme bags! Each bag comes with 10 books, a poem, and a small activity. You never know what one you might find but we have had bags about frogs, babies, birds, insects, ducks, trains, machines, and many others. 



The One World Library Project has a beautiful red book shelf downstairs filled with books and movies that bring stories of other peoples and lands to us in the comfort of our own homes.


Fall Story Times start on Thursday, September 13th.

Check out some pictures from our Read the Rainbow Summer Kick-off Event!



Come check out the children’s collection with plenty of the NEWEST picture books, audio books and other cherished treasures.

In the meantime, visit our calendar for more activities!




Don’t forget that we have an audio center for the kids. There’s a CD player and a good, old-fashioned cassette player with headphones for kids to listen to a story while visiting the library. Although we no longer have cassettes to loan out, we do have a considerable selection of audio book CDs downstairs for preschoolers through 8th graders. Teens and adults can find a selection for them upstairs.


And don’t forget we have the nature exploration kit with aquatic nets, guide books, bug houses and more available to borrow.  Also works for regular bugs!


Books for Babies is a program here at the library that dedicates books born to families in Bristol. Each spring these families are invite to enjoy a reception and choose the book dedicated to their little bundle of joy.

But new parents and new-to-the-area parents can stop in anytime to check out the library and the variety of materials for their little ones. Many play dates and lifelong friendships have started out right here at the library!




 An organization dedicated to promoting early literacy and future school success.

 They are a sponsor of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a program that sends a book each month to the home of each registered child (birth through five years of age) at no cost to the family. Children of different ages receive different titles; the books are carefully selected and are for the children to keep.



The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award was created to honor excellence in children’s literature. Each year since 1957, Vermont students in grades four through eight have selected their favorite book from a list of 30 nominees. It is recommended that students read at least five of the year’s nominated titles before voting.


Here is a checklist to keep track of the ones that you have read. 

DCF Checklist18-19


Contact Marita with any questions, comments or suggestions.