Board Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 7pm here at the library. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Lawrence Memorial Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2018



Board Members:  Caroline Engvall, Mary Yates, Lynn Camara, Jill Mackler, Ann Wallace


Staff:  Nancy Wilson


Minutes from the previous meeting accepted unanimously.


Librarian’s Report:

Paulita has submitted a written report.


Trivia total income in May was $192.00.


Should we give a donation in memory of Jo’s son to the Humane Society? We have no policy and there is discussion that the board could adopt one, but for now we will decide on a case by case basis. Nancy will send a $30 check.


Nancy has been increasing our social media presence by posting on Twitter and Tumblr as well as Facebook. She is trying to find someone who can help with creating appropriate hashtags for our Twitter posts. She will ask Ian Albinson. She also spent $15 to promote Jim and Diana’s performance on Facebook. The promoted post reached 800+ people. An average post reaches 150-200. It seems worth the money to promote our fundraisers.


Bruce Nason and Josh Otey from the Bristol Police Department attended a staff meeting to talk about safety and security at the library. They had some concrete suggestions. We will have to decide which are our priorities.

  • Put number inside and outside of our three doors so in an emergency we can let responders know where in the building we or the attacker are. (this is a simple no cost thing to do)
  • Send the police department a floor plan of the building (Nancy will do this)
  • Get security cameras
  • Have a panic alarm behind the circulation desks
  • On the fire door into the children’s room put a bolt lock up high so an adult can lock down the room if there is a threat.

We will continue to discuss these options.


Treasurer’s Report:

Nancy notes that the investment distribution is low because the money we held back for the remainder of this fiscal year from the transfer to VCF is not accounted for. She has contacted Nancy Palermo Lee about it and will let the board know what’s up.


Mary will follow up about the Memorandum of Understanding which will allow the Vermont Community Foundation to accept major donations for us.


Our bookkeeper, Nancy, has noted that when she checked to endowment balances for her reports that the value had not changed since they were transferred in March. Mary will check with VCF to see when the accounts are updated.


Old Business:

The garbage can is gone. Nancy has not heard about painting the steps. She will assume they are on the schedule and call the town administrator if no one comes by August.


Fundraising: Anne will check with some area innkeepers about the feasibility of housing Middlebury College families as a fundraiser.


Lynn has not had time to check about branded items to sell.


My Dearest Friend, Jim and Diana’s performance piece brought in $489.00. Jill will send them a formal thank you.


New Business:

Caroline thinks some teenage runners she knows might want to run in the outhouse race on the 4th of July next year as a library team.


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:00


Agenda for the next meeting (July 18 at 6:30)


  1. Review agenda
  2. Visitor’s business
  3. Review of and acceptance of meeting minutes
  4. Librarian’s report
  5. Treasurer’s report—budget and investments
  6. Old Business
  7. New business
  8. Summary
  9. Next meeting date