Board Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 7pm here at the library. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Lawrence Memorial Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2017



Board Members:  Caroline Engvall, Jill Mackler, Mary Yates, Lynn Camara


Staff:  Nancy Wilson


Librarian’s Report:

Marita has submitted a written report.


Nancy wonders about the bags of yard debris that the girl scouts raked up and left on the corner of the building. Caroline will ask troop leader Carolyn Knight what they intend to do with the bags.


Nancy has a $50 donation given to the library in honor of Karl Hummel’s mother. Jill will let the Hummel’s know about it and thank the donor.


We need to decide if we will buy the Shelburne Museum pass this year. It now costs $100 and lets people in for half off the regular admission price. Last summer admission was free with the pass and it went out 85 times. We will get it this year and keep an eye on how much it is used.


Treasurer’s Report:

The monthly budget looks good.


Investments are doing very well.


Mary has been asked by Doug Howes at Sapphire investments to designate an “authorized person” at the library. Mary sent an email asking who that should be—staff or board. Mary has not heard anything back from her email. Sapphire also wants Doug to meet with the board again.


Old Business:

The plant sale went very well. We have very little left. Thus far we have made $629.00.

Some suggestions for next year are getting together on Friday to price and label plants, selling only on Saturday, all day, get more Vermont Wetland items (with retail prices) and nothing big from him, get different items from Chris Urban—fewer trees, and do more publicity. We also need to find a source for potted shrubs. Mary will work on it.


Trivia went well with Anne reading questions and Nancy keeping score this week. Thus far we have made $32, $102, and $62. Anne reads again next week and Caroline will close out the month. It is fun and we will consider doing it again.


The play that Jim and Diana did raised $500. We would love to have them do another one. We will mention it to them when we see them.


New Business:

There is no new business


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:30




Agenda for the next meeting (June 21, 2017 at 6:00 because Nancy has concert tickets)


  1. Review agenda
  2. Visitor’s business
  3. Review of and acceptance of meeting minutes
  4. Librarian’s report
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Old Business
  7. New business
  8. Summary
  9. Next meeting date