Board Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm here at the library. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Lawrence Memorial Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2019



Board Members: Caroline Engvall, Lynn Camara, Jill Mackler, Melanie Stultz-Backas, Anne Wallace


Staff:  Nancy Wilson


Minutes from the previous meeting accepted by consensus.


Visitor’s business: Ian Albinson (Bristol CORE) and Mitra Urich (OWLP) are here to talk about installation options for permanent AV equipment at the library. Ian favors a south to north configuration, with the projector in a case on the bookcase display facing north and the screen installed on the north wall from the window transoms. The OWLP favors the opposite orientation with the screen hidden behind the archway and the projector above the doorway. After much discussion the board decides to go with Ian’s orientation. The equipment will be installed before September so that the OWLP can see if it works for their purposes. If it doesn’t we will revisit the option of installing a screen in the opposite direction.


Librarian’s Report:

Nancy is very excited about an event she went to in Burlington called PechaKucha (pet-cha-coo-cha). It is a storytelling event that allows a presenter 20 slides to tell their story. They can only talk for 20 seconds during each slide. The total presentation is six minutes forty seconds. She thinks we should try to get at least a couple of them for the Ten Below variety show. She also wants to do one called a day in the life of the library (or something more fun like maybe “we don’t accept credit cards (Lynn) or the absolute best free place in the world) for presentation to the select board and other community groups.


The author series has had 38, 5, and 7 attendees so far. Nancy knew it was gamble with the unknown authors weeks two and three. Weeks one and two are Vermont Humanities Council presentation and are guaranteed to attract more of an audience.


Mary Adams-Smith is working with Nancy to present another poetry evening in July at the library.


Treasurer’s Report:

Anne reports that she has heard from the probate court that our accounting for the Vera Cline money has been accepted. She has also passed the new login information to our bookkeeper so she can give the board investment balances.


There is a modest budget surplus. The board would like to pay for the new video screen. Nancy will let Ian know.


Caroline would like to add a brief history of the endowment account balances and transfer to the Vermont Community Foundation to our official record. She will work on this.


Old Business:

Trivia made $48, $46, $16, $28. We also received a $40 donation which brings the fundraised total to $178. Although it is not a lot of money it is little effort so we will continue to do it a couple of months a year.


New Business:

Caroline was recently reading about Mr. William Lawrence and was struck with how little she knows about him. We should have a written biography on display for easy access. Nancy will write something up.


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:40


The board will take July off.


Agenda for the next meeting (Wednesday, August 21, at 6:30)


  1. Review agenda
  2. Visitor’s business
  3. Review of and acceptance of meeting minutes
  4. Librarian’s report
  5. Treasurer’s report—budget and investments
  6. Old Business
  7. New business
  8. Summary
  9. Next meeting date