Board Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 7pm here at the library. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Lawrence Memorial Board of Trustees

Meeting Minutes

August 30, 2017



Board Members:  Caroline Engvall, Jill Mackler, Mary Yates, Lynn Camara, Anne Wallace


Staff:  Nancy Wilson


Minutes from the previous meeting accepted unanimously.


Librarian’s Report:

Paulita has submitted a detailed report.


The New England Library Association is meeting in Burlington for the first time in six years October 22-24. The Vermont Department of Libraries is reimbursing libraries for the cost of sending two staff members. Nancy has applied to get money back for Marita and Paulita’s registrations. The deadline to do so was this Friday. Nancy, Marita, and Paulita are now signed up to go all three days Sunday-Tuesday. Nancy would like to close the library on Monday so they can all go without worrying about staffing the library. Tuesday is a half day and Nancy and Paulita will be back mid afternoon. We will find subs for the morning. The board agrees that the library may be closed Monday October 23rd for professional development.


Marita will come to the next meeting to report on the summer program *(Nancy has subsequently learned that Marita has a conflict on September 20th, so she will write a report instead)


We had a lot of great help this summer and Nancy would like to find a way to thank everyone who pitched in.


Treasurer’s Report:

After much discussion about the change in investment management from a fee per transaction basis to a commission percentage based on asset value of investments it is decided that Jill will find out from another investment person if these are the only choices open to us. Mary will contact Doug to find out how much we paid in fees in the past. She will also do what is necessary to get online access to our account. The board decides to stay with the traditional investment strategy and look in a year at the difference in yield for the socially responsible funds. It is agreed that the investment strategy is to protect asset value and increase earnings in a safe way.


The investments are doing very well.




Old Business:

Nancy wonders if professional performers will be required to try out for the 10 Below Variety Show. We will hold tryouts and call on our professional contacts who have not tried out to fill any gaps in the program if we need to. She also wonders about an MC. Maybe Justin Bouvier will do it. Anne is working with the Bristol Best Night committee and will find out who is doing sound for Holley Hall that night and see if they can do it for us in February. Caroline encourages everyone to spread the word about the show.


Carl Engvall has sent word that The Bristol Gateway players have the following ideas for theater performances: they will help at the 10 Below Variety show, are thinking about Theater Lab 1223—one-act plays, and a community production of Romeo and Juliet, as imagined by Carl, on the stage at Mt Abe in 2018.


New Business:

The board will meet on September 20th at 6:30.


Visitors Business:


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:30


Agenda for the next meeting (September 20, 2017)


  1. Review agenda
  2. Visitor’s business
  3. Review of and acceptance of meeting minutes
  4. Librarian’s report
  5. Treasurer’s report—make investment fund decisions
  6. Old Business
  7. New business
  8. Summary
  9. Next meeting date